Challenges and reforms in vocational education : aspects of inclusion and exclusion

"In this collected edition, globalization and its consequences on vocational education systems are described and, at the same time, combined with the question of whether new phenomena of inclusion but also of exclusion are produced. Inclusion and exclusion are differentiations that predominate...

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Hauptverfasser: Stolz, Stefanie (Other); Gonon, Philipp (Other); Steiner-Khamsi, Gita (Other); Billett, Stephen (Other); Méhaut, Philippe (Other); Heikkinen, Anja (Other); Lammela, Johanna (Other); Lietzén, Leena (Other); Lätti, Johanna (Other); Virtanen, Emma (Other); Carter, Patricia A. (Other); Juul, Ida (Other); Niemeyer, Beatrix (Other); Hirvonen, Maija (Other); Stanley, Julian (Other); Eswein, Mikiko (Other); Michelsen, Svein (Other); Host, Hakon (Other); Barabasch, Antje (Other); Watt-Malcolm, Bonnie (Other); Siecke, Bettina (Other); Pilz, Matthias (Other); Korhonen, Vesa (Other); Lindgren, Antoni (Other)
Veröffentlicht: Bern : Lang 2011
Schriftenreihe:Studies in vocational and continuing education
Enthalten in:Studies in vocational and continuing education ; 11
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