Divergence and Convergence in education and work

"Are the educational systems in Europe becoming more similar or more different? This book deals with the issue of divergence and convergence in relation to systems, learning environments, and learners in vocational educational training (VET). 18 VET researchers from eight countries contribute t...

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Hauptverfasser: Jorgensen, Christian Helms (Other); Aarkrog, Vibe (Other); Deissinger, Thomas (Other); Gonon, Philipp (Other); Kraus, Katrin (Other); Cort, Pia (Other); Phuong-Mai, Nguyen (Other); Terlouw, Cees (Other); Pilot, Albert (Other); Weil, Markus (Other); FitzSimons, Gail E. (Other); Tanggaard, Lene (Other); Mjelde, Liv (Other); Rasmussen, Annette (Other); Rasmussen, Palle (Other); Hodkinson, Heather (Other); Juul, Ida (Other); Barabasch, Antje (Other); Armstrong, Paul (Other); Sogaard Sorensen, Marianne (Other); Siecke, Bettina (Other)
Veröffentlicht: Bern : Lang 2008
Schriftenreihe:Studies in vocational and continuing education
Enthalten in:Studies in vocational and continuing education ; 6
Umfang:441 S.