Reworking vocational education : policies, practices and concepts

"A new political order is transforming the nature of work in advanced industrialised countries. What does this mean for the nexus of education and work? How does it affect the idea of vocation, the reality of lifelong learning, the concept of employability, and the future of vocational educatio...

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Hauptverfasser: Heikkinen, Anja (Other); Kraus, Katrin (Other); Lakes, Richard D. (Other); Wahle, Manfred (Other); Gonon, Philipp (Other); Kell, Peter (Other); Vogel, Gillian (Other); Vonken, Matthias (Other); Laot, Francoise F. (Other); Lindgren, Antoni (Other)
Veröffentlicht: Bern : Lang 2009
Schriftenreihe:Studies in vocational and continuing education
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