Handbook of technical and vocational education and training research

"Technical and vocational education and training (TVET) research has become a recognized and well-defined area of interdisciplinary research. This is the first handbook of its kind that specifically concentrates on research and research methods in TVET. The book’s sections focus on particular a...

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Hauptverfasser: Rauner, Felix (HerausgeberIn); Maclean, Rupert (HerausgeberIn); Behringer, Friederike (Other); Dietzen, Agnes (Other); Dybowski, Gisela (Other); Grollmann, Philipp (Other); Hanf, Georg (Other); Krekel, Elisabeth M. (Other); Walden, Günter (Other)
Veröffentlicht: Dordrecht : Springer-Verlag 2008
Umfang:1103 S.
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